Producer, DJ

House, deep techno, breakbeat

Slava Gura (Komponente) started his music career in 2006 with his release on Deep-X Recordings. Starting from that moment he began to actively develop in music production and was released on such labels as Deeplimit, Aufseit, Fach, High-Jack, Blumenbeat and Body Parts Records.

In 2009 he created his own digital label Blumenbeat, which released several interesting Ukrainian and foreign musicians, including Komponente himself.

In 2012 his first record came out on Biatch Corp Colombia (NY). Then his tracks got to two vinyl compilations of Minim and Kanja Records labels.

At the same time, Slava started DJing and promoting. As a part of KIM (a collaborative project with Irzhik, a musician and vinyl collector) he organized party series in Kharkiv, performed at Sensimo (Crimea), Birds Meadow (Moscow), played in such clubs as Boom Boom Room, River Port, Pravda and Mendeleev, as well as recorded podcasts for HDNSM (London), CrazyJack (Paris), Sub.Spiele (Cologne) and JagerVibes (Ukraine).

In 2014 Komponente founded his own vinyl label Tvir. So far, the label has had 11 releases that are played in clubs all over the world.

Since 2018 Komponente has been a participant of Kultura Zvuka formation and a resident of Kultura Zvuka Studiya.