DJ, musician, vocalist, songwriter, resident of Kultura Zvuka

Techno, acid, trance

Music in a variety of its manifestations has been a part of Yuliya’s life since early childhood. Being a daughter of a singer-songwriter mom, she got music education in piano, sang in a choir, was all into the pop-culture of the 90s, as well as was totally sure she was meant to be a musician. And although she got her first synthesizer and mike as a present for her 13th Bday, it was not earlier than a decade later that her creative work finally saw the light.

A friend, who was a DJ, heard Yuliya’s songs at a home party once and suggested creating an electronic project. The project also included a guitarist, a sound producer and other amateur musicians. The music they made was an eclectic combination of various music styles, starting from punk and trip-hop and ending with near-funk electro-pop, house and new disco. The combination of acoustic and electronic music instruments was no less eclectic, just as vocal effects and eccentric performances. After existing for a couple of years and becoming quite popular in the community the project went through transformations and at some point, Yuliya left it.

Yuliya didn’t have any experience in independent music production, still, she decided to try a hand at DJing, though it wasn’t something she had ever thought of previously. That was how YOOLY appeared, a self-made techno DJ that was gradually making her sets more and more sophisticated with self-composed live vocals and simultaneously working at featurings with several Ukrainian techno producers.

“Techno became my biggest love, my way of self-expression. This music is incredibly strong and true, and it has a rebel heart. It possesses a bold centripetal force that puts me together of the thousands of pieces every time, all over again.”