Producer, DJ

House, deep techno, breakbeat

Vyacheslav Gura, aka Komponente - the resident of Kultura Zvuka Studiya club, the old school musician, who’s got 7 vinyl releases under his belt on the labels: BitchCorp, Minim, Kanja, Uzvar, Kultura Zvuka and Tvir.

In the past, being heard as KIM he used to perform together with Dmitry Zharkikh.
In 2018, after a hiatus of three years, Vyacheslav get back in the game launching the collaborative label with Bob Valentinov — Kultura Zvuka and releases a split with Bodin & Jacob “Trulla” EP on his native Tvir. At this stage, writes music together with Eugene Kurilo. In addition to producing, he is also engaged in booking in Kultura Zvuka Studiya and Yama party series in Kharkiv. Teaching DJing at Kultura Zvuka Shkola, he has already had more than 50 students, among them — UDDA and Kreida - residents of Kultura Zvuka Studiya. Slava’s personal vinyl collection has more than 500 records in various genres.