Dj and Producer based in Lisbon and 1/3 of Portuguese collective, Pandilla Ltd.

Tiago is from the Azores, the Portuguese archipelago situated in the middle of the Atlantic, and growing up there was something that gave him a unique vitality. His family, being connected to Fado, were a big influence on him in his formative years, constantly playing classical and experimental music around the house.

Later on he moved to the city of Leiria, where he started producing and playing in local clubs. His first outing came in 2008 on London-based imprint Multi Vitamins, where he contributed a track to one of their vinyl VA’s. It was also in this city where he met and connected with Hélio to form Pandilla.

Since then he has played regularly throughout the country and in international clubs like the KaterHolzig in Berlin, Foyer in Dusseldorf, and Cassero in Bologne.

With a love for playing and creating, Tiago focuses mainly on the cerebral aspects of music, although he never loses touch with the groove. Since the Pandilla triumvirate was completed, his music has always allied itself with the project, shutting the ego out of the creative process entirely.